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1. Tax Compliance Services

We Provide Comprehensive tax compliance Services and We Apply Several Methods to review Tax Compliance, as follows :
- Tax Analyst in every transaction for Individual Taxpayer and Corporate Taxpayer
- Prepare The Tax Calculation, Payment and Reporting by DJP Online


2. Tax Dispute Resolution

- Tax Audit
- Tax Objection
- Tax Appeal
- Judical Review Services


3. Tax Administration Assistance

- Registration/De-Registration Tax ID
- Taxable Enterprise
- Tax Facilities (Master List, Tax Allowance, Tax Holiday)
- Transfer Pricing Documentation (TP Doc)


4. Tax Advisory

This Service Provides guidance to taxpayers in order to implement Tax Obligations efficiently and give the explanation regarding general or specific tax issues. The Service fee is charged per unit of time.


5. Financial Reporting

This service assists company in maintaining its daily bookkeeping from contructing financial reports (compiling and reviewing) to designing accounting SOP in order to help ease the company in decision making process particularly related to tax risks.


6. Customs Services

- Obtaining customs duty facilities, such as BKPM Masterlist, AEO, MITA, Bonded Zone, Bonded Warehouse, KITE, Temporary Import.
- Reporting to BKPM (Periodic LKPM submission).
- Post- Entry Customs Audit Assistance.
- Customs Appeal Assistance at Tax Court.
- Customs Duty Restitution.


7. Legal Permit

We are focus on the legal aspects of a legal entity, We will assisting our clients to meet the requirements in order to obtain Legal Permit.
- Deed of Establishment /Deed of Amendement.
- Validation Legal Document from Ministry of Justice and Human Right.
- Single Business Number.
- Business Trade License
- Location Permit /Domicile Permit.
- Others Permit

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